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Illuminate Your Brand with Channel Letters

Are you looking for a visible, captivating sign that will boost your business’s visibility in Kernersville, NC? Do you want to be seen by customers day or night?

Channel letter signs are an excellent option to consider for your business. With vibrant illumination and a high degree of customization, these signs can be expertly crafted to meet your marketing and branding needs.

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What Are Channel Letter Signs?

This eye-catching sign solution involves individually designed and produced letters or symbols; each letter works together to spell out a business’s name, slogan, or logo. Channel letters are traditionally affixed to storefronts, building facades, and indoor walls, introducing and advertising the respective business to onlookers.

Each component of this sign solution is essential to its overall impact and effectiveness. From the sign face to the trim cap, each stage of channel letter fabrication is completed carefully and meticulously to ensure both security and longevity.

Discover Your Ideal Type of Outdoor Sign Letters

Each type of channel letter sign offers various advantages and a unique aesthetic. Depending on your business’s needs, branding, and style, certain options may be better suited to you than others.

Browse the options we have available in Kernersville, NC, to find your ideal sign:

Front Lit Channel Letters

Illuminate the front of the letters with lighting, making your sign prominent.

Reverse-Lit/Backlit Channel Letters

Lighting is positioned behind the lettering, creating a glowing halo around each letter.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Make your sign visible from all angles by illuminating it from the front and the back.

Open Face Lit Channel Letters

This sign solution lacks a face plate, which leaves the lighting exposed at the front.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Also known as dimensional letters, these signs aren’t lighted, which makes them great for indoor use.

Why Should You Choose Channel Letters?

There are many kinds of signs that can elevate your visibility and attract customers, so why should channel letters be your first choice?

Design Customization

This type of signage offers a distinctive appearance from your competitors. By choosing all design elements, including the font, size, shape, and lighting colors, your sign will not only capture attention but also represent your brand.


Your business signage should appeal to your target audience; a channel letter sign is the perfect way to showcase your professionalism, aesthetic, and commitment to quality, in the hopes it will attract your ideal customer base.


As they are produced with many high-quality materials, these signs are long-lasting and durable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and remain vibrant.

Low Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance should be a consideration when choosing a sign type. Channel signage requires very minimal maintenance, as the materials used don’t rust, degrade, or peel.


With the rise in LED technology, illuminated signage no longer results in a high energy bill. Unlock huge cost savings by using LEDs to shine a light on your business.

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We are known for understanding our clients’ businesses in depth, which allows us to design, produce, and deliver high-quality, customized sign solutions. Our team prides itself on its quick response time, transparent and proactive communication, and reliable timelines.

From your first consultation, we take the time to learn more about your business, including its goals, challenges, and vision. This allows us to create the perfect sign solution for your needs.

If you’re ready to invest in channel signage, we are ready to craft it. Give us a call today to get started!

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